Nationwide Flyer and Sample Distribution

Profiling & Targeting

Quality Assurance Through Planning

  • Identify Target Area
  • Confirm Distribution Quantities
  • Breakdown the Roads into delivery rounds
  • Assign Field Teams to Areas
  • Arrange Van Routes
  • Carry-out Back Checking processes
  • Put in place a Query Resolution Procedure

Targeted Marketing Solutions

  • Visualise exactly where customers live
  • Understand who customers are through their CAMEO profile
  • Identify which CAMEO types most represent your customers
  • Highlight where to find prospects to target who are similar to existing customers
  • Identify which areas best match a profile for a leaflet drop or posting

Geo-Demographic Targeting

DBS deploys sophisticated geo-demographic software, powerful tool in profiling potential target customers and identify postal sectors with the best density of the target audience

Area Targeting

Our mapping system allows a precise area to be calculated with exact household and business counts from the latest available PAF file.


  • Target to postcode sector level using Cameo from Microvision.
  • Identifies postcode sectors with a high penetration of target households.
  • Gives the opportunity to use Cameo SA, Cameo Investor or Cameo Financial to ensure an accurate target group is created.
  • Uses 2001 Census data combined with council tax bands, shareholder data, Directorship data, consumer credit data and the Electoral Roll.
  • Select your Clients’ Profile from 58 neighbourhood types divided into 10 major groups to reach your chosen market place.
CAMEO SA Group Code & Description % SA Households
1. Affluent Singles & Couples In Exclusive Urban Neighbourhoods 3.44%
2. Wealthy Neighbourhoods Nearing & Enjoying Retirement 3.64%
3. Affluent Home Owning Couples & Families In Large Houses 10.14%
4. Suburban Homeowners In Smaller Private Family Homes 13.27%
5. Comfortable Mixed Tenure Neighbourhoods 8.42%
6. Less Affluent Family Neighbourhoods 16.48%
7. Less Affluent Singles & Students In Urban Areas 5.70%
8. Poorer White & Blue Collar Workers 16.69%
9. Poorer Family & Single Parent Households 10.69
10. Poorer Council Tenants Including Many Single Parents 11.53%

Leaflet Distribution

We offer several methods of leaflet distribution to our clients to create the most effective method of direct advertising.

Solus Distribution

Your leaflet delivered on its own by adult teams with no other advertising material. Can target anything from postal sectors, mapped areas, council/ parliamentary boundaries and bespoke areas.


Checklists supplied by the Team Leader are forwarded to Clients approximately two weeks after the completion of delivery. A quantity of 5 checks per thousand households delivered to will be obtained.

Newshare Distribution

Your leaflet delivered alongside the local free newspapers in the area of your choice to Verified Free Distribution (VFD) standards. Ideal for low cost, high volume distributions Newshare offers the most cost effective method, and is also a very reliable method of door drop.

Shared Distribution

In the event of there not being a free publication in a given area, a combined delivery can take place incorporating both solus and newshare methods. Your leaflet delivered with 2-4 other leaflets at the same time offering highly cost effective campaigns for the larger drops. Now Offered in multiple areas.

Royal Mail (HDS)

We can also offer the option of delivery via the Royal Mail by postman to postcode sector level.

Our Clients Include:

Laura Ashley

DBS manage the leaflet distribution for all of Laura Ashley’s 325 stores throughout the SA. Laura Ashley have specific geo-demographic targeting based on the ABC1 type properties for a 30 minute drive time from their stores. Laura Ashley Leaflet Distribution with demographic targeting

Raleigh Cycles

DBS distributed 2,300,000 using the Free Newspapers, Solus and also Direct Mail. We distributed around 165 stores throughout the SA, using mainly the Free Newspapers to get the bulk of the delivery out filling in the gaps with our Solus teams. Raleigh Leaflet Distribution Throughout the UK

Street Level Mapping

  1. Business and Residential Counts for every street throughout the SA
  2. Provide Mailing lists per Street specification Planning of individual rounds for collections/ pickups per day
  3. Detailed mapping and street level information containing house numbers and names
  4. Distribute into bespoke areas with exact counts of residential and business properties
  5. Council Ward/ Parliamentary boundaries can be mapped out exactly with counts and full postal addresses

Leaflet Distribution FAQs

  1. How much notice is needed to carry out a leaflet distribution?

    To plan a well organised distribution we require at least 14 days notice from the time of a confirmed booking. For large distributions or projects requiring target reports more time may be needed.

  2. Where do I deliver my leaflets to?

    A delivery address will be forwarded to you along with your confirmation of order.

  3. How do I know that my leaflets have been distributed?

    Post distribution checklists can be requested after completion of Solus distributions. Backchecks from shared deliveries will be supplied where available.

  4. How long will it take for my leaflets to be delivered?

    The time scale is dependent on the method of distribution and the quantities involved. If longer than 1 week is required this will be discussed at the time of booking.

  5. What if I am not satisfied?

    We have a company complaints’ procedure which is outlined in our terms and conditions and is made available to all prospective customers.

  6. What are typical response rates?

    There are no ‘typical’ response rates. Successful response to a leaflet is reliant on a number of factors. However, research does show that*

    a)62-71% of consumers find door drops useful.

    b)48% have visited a store, bought a product or sent for information as result of receipt.

    c)79% keep, pass on, read or glance at door drops.