Native Advertising


Advertorials are marketing pieces written in the form of short essays, long articles, interviews, or research papers. These pieces are marked as “sponsored” but are presented in a news or article style. Advertorials allow you to present detailed descriptions of benefits and features, in addition to the kinds of calls to action that are the main thrust of display advertising. Advertorials are effective in initiating inquiries and sales among audiences with different decision making mindsets than those who respond to conventional ads. Longer formats lend themselves to education and deeper engagement, and help build trust, demonstrate expertise and deepen brand awareness.


With an advertorial blog, custom content made for you will be posted on a regular basis in the blogs on our sites, letting readers know you are safe and can be trusted. By choosing this option, you are able to connect with our audience based on their interests – and on an ongoing basis – to help create followers and keep them up to date on the latest news from your field. You will craft your message, and after editorial review, we will post your content in blogs associated with your business. This option includes display ads on and around your blog section, promotion of your latest post rotated through a designated spot on the homepage of our websites and contextually throughout related content sections.


Nothing shows off your business better than a visual showcase of your products and services. Use our popular photo gallery display branded for your business to demonstrate a sale or special promotion on products.


  • Weekly stories written by staff writer or client content can be edited/reviewed
  • Distinguishes client from the competition with strong alignment to news brand
  • Demonstrates market leadership: client becomes the expert
  • Opportunity to educate, create familiarity, and build trust with qualified customers
  • Gives implied endorsement from a trusted news source
  • Increased sharability of content: social, mobile, web
  • 6 month investment