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3D Emboss Business Cards: The Pinnacle of Luxury

Many would agree that the beauty of a business card is its tangibility. In a world that is fast moving towards digital interactions, the tactile experience of paper is becoming treasured, and it’s not an overstatement to say that the ultimate sensory indulgence is 3D Emboss business cards. The innovative and complex process of 3D embossing is a lavish addition to the already unique art of embossing, imparting a stunning relief effect to specific elements of your design to extraordinary heights rarely seen in traditional embossing, all while preserving incredibly fine detail.

Finding the Best Paper for 3D Embossing

The intricate opulence of 3D embossing can be produced only on the best cotton papers from around the world. Fine cotton paper withstands the intense pressure used to raise the surface of the paper and create a beautiful three-dimensional effect, yet still shows a delicate texture.

Adding Printing Accents

The excitement needn’t stop at the 3D embossing, as this process can be used in combination with other printing methods like letterpress and foiling. Nothing beats the timeless elegance of letterpress paired with the luxury of 3D embossing! 

3D Embossing Is Pure Craftsmanship

At Jukebox we take pride in our craftmanship, and 3D embossing is our most prized example of fine handcrafting. Each card is individually produced and painstakingly inspected upon completion of printing to ensure quality down to the smallest detail.

Spot UV Business Cards

Apply Spot UV, a clear and shiny coating, to your Smooth Matte Laminate Business Cards for an extra punch! Spot UV is an added layer of gloss coating that brings out the most important elements of your design. With so many possibilities, you can even create a beautiful subtle pattern as a background image that will glimmer in the light. The contrast between the underlying finish and the shiny Spot UV layer is a truly eye-catching addition to your Business Cards!

You have creative freedom to use as much or as little of the Spot UV as you like, on one or both sides, all for the same affordable price. Spot UV is extremely versatile and can be the perfect addition to make your Business Cards really stand out.

Spot UV gloss can be applied to the surface of your business card, creating a clear and shiny layer in your own design on top of the printed artwork. This allows you to direct attention to the important aspects of your printed design, or to create subtle design elements that can only be seen reflecting in the light.

Spot UV with Embossing

When combined with the high gloss of Spot UV, the addition of emboss makes your design both eye-catching and tactile. You have complete creative control to decide where to apply spot UV and which elements to emboss, allowing you to create the most stunning and individual business cards.

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